Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Inspectorate - Methodology of exercising the functions of the Inspectorate

  1. Defence Inspectorate plans, organizes and conducts regular inspections according to the annual inspection plan of the Defence Inspectorate approved by the Minister of Defence with the consent of the President of the Republic of Serbia for the part of the plan relating to the inspection of operational and functional capacities of units, institutions and organizational parts of SAF GS. Emergency inspections are conducted based on the order of the President and Minister of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and the Director of Inspectorate. Excerpts from the Annual Inspection Plan of the Defence Inspectorate are submitted to subjects of inspection and notification of emergency inspection on the day of inspection.
  2. Based on the annual inspection plan, the Director of the Inspectorate specifies in his order for the inspection in a particular month the following: types of inspections, subjects of inspections, time of inspections, contents/questions for the inspection, the inspection body composition and other issues.
  3. Pursuant to the Order of Director for the specific month the head of the inspection body develops a plan for the preparation and execution of the specific inspection approved by the Director of the Defence Inspectorate. Based on the approved plan the inspection body conducts professional preparation with inspectors for the execution of the planned inspection.
  4. At the end of the inspection, the inspection team informs the responsible persons from the subject of inspection about the findings that will be entered into the minutes. The inspection team makes a minutes about the state found during the inspection according to the defined issues and submits it to the subject of inspection and the superior authority of the subject, not later than eight days after the completion of the inspection.
  5. The inspection team submits to the Director of the Defence Inspectorate a report about the completed inspection with a proposal to submit, if necessary, the report with a proposal to take urgent measures to eliminate shortcomings in the subject of inspection, which are under the responsibility of the President and the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Serbia.
  6. The subject of inspection has the right to object to the minutes of the completed inspection within eight days period which is to be decided by the head of the inspection body in the first instance. When there is a need and a legal obligation, the inspection body informs relevant government bodies on parts of the findings of the inspection and initiates appropriate disciplinary or judicial proceedings.
  7. After deciding the objection, head of the inspection body issues a decision to the objections to the minutes and issues orders for the elimination of deficiencies and irregularities identified in the inspection, to which the subject of inspection has the right to appeal and the Director of the Defence Inspectorate is to decide it. If the subject of inspection is not satisfied with the decision of the Director of the Inspectorate he is entitled to initiate proceedings before a competent court.
  8. Defence Inspectorate submits reports to the President of the Republic of Serbia and the Minister of Defence on the inspections in the previous month, the annual report on the work of the Defence Inspectorate and analysis of the situation in the areas of inspection with the proposal of measures for the elimination of systemic deficiencies in the work of SAF and the Ministry of Defence.
    The Defence Inspectorate, at the request of the bodies of the Assembly of Republic of Serbia and other government bodies carries out special investigations and analyses.