Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Personnel Department

The Personnel Department is an internal unit of the Human Resources Sector, Ministry of Defence, which performs the tasks related to the “personnel” and “education” functions.
Units subordinate to the Personnel Department are:
  • Recruitment and Personnel Affairs Section
  • Education Section
  • Personnel Records and Support Section
  • Section for Development of Psychological Activities
  • Normative Affairs Group

The Personnel Department is responsible for:
  • planning of recruitment of all categories of personnel
  • preparation of system and status documents pertaining to the personnel function
  • regulating the service status of professional military personnel and legal and employment status of civilians
  • relocation and deployment of professional military personnel and civilians
  • sending staff to work abroad
  • monitoring, reviewing, planning of staff training for the needs of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces
  • preparation of education and training plans for staff at home and abroad
  • planning, organization and provision of education to foreign citizens in military schools and military institutions in the Republic of Serbia
  • designing career guidance and career development models for professional military personnel
  • databases of professional military personnel, civilians and persons interested in a career in defence
  • certificates of pensionable service for former professional military personnel whose service ended without military retirement insurance
  • normative regulation and development of psychological activities in the Ministry and the Armed Forces, including coordination of the work of all psychologists in the defence system
  • normative regulation of issues pertaining to personnel function - recruitment, education and training, service status, evaluation of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces, specific service and service under difficult conditions, exercising rights in multinational operations, accelerated retirement. 
Head of the Personnel Department is Colonel Zlatko Mišić.

Personnel Department
15 Nemanjina Street
11000 Belgrade
Phone: 011-3201-108
Fax: 011-3006-343