Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Military Health Department

Military Health Department is a more specialized internal unit of the Ministry of Defence not within the MoDsectors and the Secretariat, but organizationally and functionally related to the Minister of Defence.

It is responsible for preparing regulations and other documents regulating medical and veterinary protection at the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as for pharmaceutical affairs including the provision of medicines and medical devices and the creation of the most favorable conditions for providing medical and pharmaceutical services at the military healthcare institutions and infirmaries of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.

The Chief of Military Health Department is organizationally and functionally connected to the following organizational units:
-Military Medical Academy
-Military Medical Institutions Centre Belgrade
-Military Hospital Novi Sad
-Military Hospital Niš
-Chief Military Medical Board
-Higher Military Medical Board Niš
-Higher Military Medical Board Belgrade
-Central Pharmacy – warehouse
-Medical Service Centre
-Veterinary Service Centre

Military Medical Academy is a research and health institution responsible for providing health care, treatment and specialized health care for military and civilian health insurance beneficiaries, the President of the Republic of Serbia and other distinguished military and political officials and members of their families, members of the diplomatic corps and their families.In addition, Military Medical Academy participated in the education process at the Medical Faculty of the University of Defence, as well as academic and specialist degree studies and medical research. The Military Medical Academy is part of the network of health institutions of the Republic of Serbia.

Information on medical services provided by the Military Medical Academy can be found on the following

Military Medical Institutions Centre Belgrade is a health institution providing general and specialist care for military insurance beneficiaries from the territory of the city of Belgrade, as well as soldiers and professional military personnel from the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.Military Medical Institutions Centre Belgrade comprisesthree military medical centres for the provision of general and specialist medical assistance services, with three outpost general medicine clinics and the Belgrade Military Medical Emergency Centre for the provision of emergency medical assistance and home treatment.

Military Hospital Novi Sad and Military Hospital Niš are health institutions of the Ministry of Defence performing the tasks related to primary and secondary health care and medical support of military insurance beneficiaries, civilian insurance beneficiaries and insurance beneficiaries of all categories who exercise the right to be provided with services of preventive medical care, care for the injured and sick by the provision of general, specialist and subspecialist assistance, inpatient specialist medical assistance and emergency medical assistance.

Chief Military Medical Board controls the correctness of the health and fitness assessments issued by higher military medical commissions, monitors the work of higher and lower military medical commissions, and provides evaluations and opinions in the process of exercising rights related to the pension and disability insurance of military insurance beneficiaries.

Higher Military Medical Board Belgrade and Higher Military Medical Board Niš perform tasks related to the assessment of the health and fitness level of members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces and to the exercise of rights related to pension, disability and health insurance of military insurance beneficiaries.

Central Pharmacy – warehouse is an institution dealing with the supply of medicines and other medical consumables for the needs of military insurance beneficiaries on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Medical Service Centre performs tasks related to the education and training of medical staff for work in the units and institutions of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.

Veterinary Service Centre is a unit of the veterinary service that carries out the tasks of training and improving the personnel of the veterinary service, conducts courses in the field of animal health protection, food safety, planning, breeding, reproduction of animals and participates in professional projects in the field of veterinary medicine.