Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Secretariate of the Ministry of Defence

Secretariat of the Ministry is a separate internal unit of the Ministry of Defence, performing the following activities: planning of the work of the Ministry; ensuring compliance and legality of general and individual acts passed by the Minister of Defence; efficiency and compliance of work of the internal units of the Ministry; protection of property legislation-related and other interests of the Ministry.


Following military institutions and units are subordinated to the Secretariat of the Ministry:

1. Centre for Cooperation with ICTY;
2. Judge Advocate General 
3. Court Martial

1. Centre for Cooperation with ICTY acting under the direction of the competent government authorities of the Republic of Serbia relating to fulfilling of the requirements of Trial Chambers and Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, as well as of the defence counsel or the defendants themselves – convicted before the ICTY and to act according to the requirements of the Legal Team representing the interests of the Republic of Serbia in the dispute upon claim of the Republic of Croatia before the International Court of Justice.

2. Judge Advocate General represents the prosecution before the Court Martial.

3. Court Martial performs the following activities: decides on appeals lodged against decisions of the military disciplinary courts of first instance; decide on the jurisdiction of the courts of first instance in cases where the co-perpetrators of the disciplinary infraction, or any other accomplices in the offense in service in military units and military institutions over which different military disciplinary courts have territorial jurisdiction regarding the trial.

Department for Operations and Planning is a narrower internal unit of the Secretariat of the Ministry, performing activities related to: integration and coordination of the work of internal units of the Ministry in the development of materials and acts within the competence of the Ministry; preparation of sessions of the Minister’s Board and monitoring the implementation of the conclusions made; drafting proposal for the main program called “central administration”.

Legal Department is a narrower internal unit of the Secretariat of the Ministry performing the following activities: planning, coordination and cooperation in the preparation of draft laws in the field of defence, security and the Serbian Armed Forces; assessment of draft regulations with regard to compliance with the Constitution, law and legal system of Serbia and compliance with the regulations of the European Union prepared by the professional responsible structures for the development of regulations in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces; keeping a register of published regulations; development of legislation which regulates the system of defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.