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27 Aug 2019
A delegation of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces laid a wreath today at the monument to Knyaz Sima Marković at Veliki Borak, marking the 214 th anniversary of the founding of the ...
10 Aug 2019
At the Military Rally, in one of the 32 disciplines at this year's International Army Games, the Serbian Armed Forces team shared the third place with the Belarusian team. The winner was the ...
30 Jul 2019
Sergeant First Class Daniel Milenković from the Serbian Armed Forces Signal Brigade presented a modern pulse oximeter to the Intensive Care Unit of the Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic in ...
25 Jul 2019
Agreement between the ministries of defence of the Republic of Serbia and Kingdom of Belgium on cooperation of military museums has been signed today in the Military Museum in Belgrade.
24 Jul 2019
Delegation of War Heritage Institute of the Kingdom of Belgium, led by the Institute Director Michel Jaupart, toured the exhibition of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces “Defence ...