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20 Maj 2015
At Military High School in Sarajevo, many generations grew to become NCOs, officers, generals until 1992. Now, for six whole years, they have virtually revived their school, not caring about state ...
28 Apr 2015
Although he was seven years old when WWII began, he still remembers the horrors he experienced with his family in those horrific years. Belonging to Judaism only made the already difficult life in ...
06 Mar 2015
One of the first associations to the army and military life is saluting or greeting, and a soldier with his arm outstretched and brought to the forehead was an inspiration for many works of art ...
24 Feb 2015
Summing up the activities of UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the state news agency "Emirates News Agency" set aside meetings with the ...
13 Jan 2015
Before the retirement, Dusan Radenovic was a test driver in the Technical Testing Centre (TTC). As a member of the working teams he is particularly engaged in testing vehicle performance in driving ...