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07 Sep 2015
Having noticed the thick smoke coming from the nearby house and finding out that one of the household members was still in it, Corporal Plavsic, pontoon member, had no second thoughts. He stormed ...
10 Aug 2015
The expedition "Albanian Golgotha 100 years later" was planned with the aim of crossing the Albanian mountains, as did the Serbian Army in the First World War. Four brave men will carry ...
22 Jul 2015
The improper offer that Second Lieutenant of the quartermaster corps Tihomir Kricka from the formation of the First Training Center of the Training Command and member of the acceptance committee ...
29 Jun 2015
Operations with Excimer laser are a surgical procedure of the change of retina’s curve, which changes the refractive power of the eye and corrects the existing diopter. Astigmatism up to +/- ...
15 Jun 2015
Marking the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism, the Association Modelers Club Novi Sad, International Plastic Modelers Society Novi Sad (IPMS) Serbia and the SAF Riverine Flotilla organized ...