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06 Jan 2016
In the hotel "Omorika" on Tara the Club Serbia has been opened - a permanent exhibition of 23 reproductions of photographs from the Great War, which visitors will be able to see in the ...
14 Dec 2015
This year again, a jury of experts will select the Serbian Armed Forces best athlete and the sports team of the year 2015, which is the traditional activity organized by the Odbrana magazine. ...
02 Dec 2015
In early August, a car accident on the highway Belgrade-Sid occurred, in which three people were killed and five seriously injured. Many stopped to see what had happened, but only one dared to help ...
16 Nov 2015
The second rotation of the Serbian contingent in the MINUSCA peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic for the fifth month has successfully performed the tasks set in the operation whose ...
09 Nov 2015
At the initiative of Minister of Defence Bratislav Gasic, and after yesterday's tour, the Temporary Centre for the registration of migrants in Dimitrovgrad has been electrified tonight.
This ...