Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Practical training for prospective NCO candidates

Stationary camp is underway at the Peskovi range near Požarevac for civilian candidates who are preparing for admission to professional military service as non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces.  
This is the first class to attend the new NCO Course model, which was introduced last year and lasts for 9 months. The course is designed to prepare the candidates for entry-level NCO duties in the SAF.
Prior to the stationary camp, the candidates completed the first two training modules during which they were taught to perform basic military duties and command a group, a team and a squad.
The candidates are currently on the training ground, practicing defensive and offensive tactical actions and procedures in the field, conducting live fire drills, practicing navigation in an unfamiliar terrain using a map and a compass and overcoming various obstacles.
The goal is to test and put into practice the newly-acquired knowledge and skills of the future NCOs, as well as for them to adapt to the living and working conditions in the field.
Once they complete their camp, the candidates will embark on the specialized training in accordance with their branches and services, and then serve an internship in SAF units to gain experience in the jobs they were recruited for. Those who successfully complete all four modules of the NCO Course will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and join the NCO corps of the Serbian Armed Forces.