Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Stefanović: Without strong armed forces, you are always a possible target

Today, at the ceremony to mark the completion of education of attenders of 68th Class of the Command and Staff Course, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD stated that tough, strong armed forces, well equipped and educated, are the best guarantee that a war will not be waged in our country. “Without such strong armed forces, you are always a possible target, and there will always be someone who will think that he can threaten the peace and stability of our country”, the minister said.

Stefanović presented parade daggers to three best ranking officers majors Dalibor Sedlar, Dejan Taškov and Nebojša Vuković, which are awarded to them upon the decision of the President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić.   

- Time has shown, our times as well, and everything that Serbia went through in its history, that it is important to have equipment and armament, but that it does not mean much without well trained officer cadre. When they have the men like you, and your results show it, our armed forces have the future, and they are able to respond to every challenge and be the strongest pillar of defence of their country - Minister Stefanović said congratulating the completion of the professional advancement to the new command and staff officers.

As he stressed, after their return to their units and assuming new duties, they are expected to use their knowledge to contribute to further development of our defence system.

- Owing to President Vučić, today we do not have to defend our country solely with our heart and knowledge. Of course, they are still of paramount importance, but today we possess new arms and new equipment, and we continue acquiring new ones. And that complements the cadre, educated by our University of Defence, the cadre ready to acquire new knowledge, follow developments in the world and implement novelties. It is important that it does not remain only book knowledge dating back to 50 or one hundred years ago, but we need to incorporate modern things into our teaching programmes so that, with that knowledge, you are capable of being worthy superior officers and a new energy of your units - Stefanović stated.

Minister Stefanović reminded that we have to preserve the peace and stability of Serbia.

- To you as officers, and particularly those who have been to wars, the defensive wars of our country, I do not have to explain how terrible each war is. That is precisely why we jealously preserve the peace, and the key to its preservation are strong armed forces. Tough armed forces, strong armed forces, well equipped armed forces and educated armed forces are the best guarantee that a war will never be waged in this country ever again. Without such strong armed forces, you are always a possible target, and there will always be someone who will think that he can threaten the stability and security of our country - the minister said.

At the end of his address, the minister once again expressed gratitude to the officers for having opted to wear the uniform, as well as to their families because they provide the greatest support to them.

- Thank you for being someone that your country, our only Serbia, can count on. I hope that you will be satisfied with your new duties and the knowledge you acquired, and I also hope that we will continue building our defence system. Long live Serbia! - Minister Stefanović exclaimed.

Speaking on behalf of 68th Class, the first ranking officer, Major Dalibor Sedlar greeted the present and pointed out that the Command and Staff Course represents a unique turning point in an officer’s career and it offers knowledge and skills required for successful commanding.

- The excellent result achieved during the professional advancement shows that we, attenders of 68th Class have justified the epithet of the chosen ones, as well as the confidence given to us by our superiors, and it also shows that we studied and worked hard during the professional advancement, and gained new knowledge and skills, and developed excellent interpersonal relations that will represent the basis of our future professional cooperation - said the first ranking Major Sedlar.

The total of 56 officers of this class completed the Command and Staff Course of the National Defence School “Vojvoda Radomir Putnik”, six of them coming from foreign armed forces, and they received the parade daggers from Rector of the University of Defence Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović.

Head of the National Defence School, Colonel Mićo Suvajac, said that the officers needed to show and prove a lot over the previous year.

- In the educational segment of the advancement, they studied command and management, tactics and operatics, modern systems of arms and military equipment, logistics. They solved tasks on the map and in the field. Their education also included developing their patriotism, culture, manners of educated and versatile officers. They never lacked love for their fatherland - Colonel Suvajac emphasised.

Families of the officers of 68th Class of Command and Staff Course have also attended the today’s Ceremony held at the Military Academy.