Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

High level of ballistic and anti-mine protection of the new M-20 MRAP 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle

Modern tendencies in the development of materiel, as well as military vehicles, aim to increase the safety of soldiers on the battlefield, extend the service life of materiel while reducing the cost of its production and maintenance
MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle), i.e. “Armoured vehicles with anti-mine and ambush protection” is a term used in military terminology for vehicles that are resistant to mines and explosive devices and have an appropriate level of ballistic protection of the embarkation section which protects the crew against small arms and certain types of anti-armour weapons. They are used for transportation of units in dangerous situations, such as war or participation in multinational operations in high-risk areas which require vehicles with a high level of protection and off-road mobility.

The new M-20 MRAP 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle is the result of domestic intelligence, the knowledge of our engineers and a product of domestic factories. It is a vehicle whose purpose is the safe transportation of units and which has a high level of ballistic and mine protection. In addition, the possibility of opening fire from inside the vehicle places it in the rank of the best world solutions in that category.

Bearing in mind that the medium-term goal of our armed forces is not to transport any of our soldiers in tarpaulin trucks, the new vehicle that is able to transport our units safely and quickly and protect them against the firing of various infantry small arms, but also against different mines, is a huge step forward.

In this vehicle, the drive train with a 205 kW motor, a nine-speed gearbox and a two-speed differential drive distributor is located in the front and middle section of the vehicle in the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. The vehicle has permanent all-wheel drive. The driver sits on the left side, and the commander on the right. The embarking/disembarking part of the crew is located in the rear of the vehicle. The total number of crew members is 12 - driver, commander, gunner and nine crew members. The crew enters and exits the armoured hull via a door in the rear plate of the vehicle.

There are also two openings on the roof panel so that in emergencies, the crew can use them for emergency entry or exit. Side doors are used by the driver and the commander. The seats in the embarking/disembarking section are connected to the roof of the vehicle, they can be folded and efficiently absorb shocks and vibrations via a system of guides and springs, which makes the ride more comfortable.

Since the MRAP 6x6 is a solution based on the components of the FAP 2228 off-road vehicle, this means that the suspension system must be of the dependent type. The advantage of the dependent suspension of the FAP 2228 is a ready-made solution that does not require further development and adjustment to the vehicle chassis, so the price is significantly lower compared to the imported suspension systems.
Since the FAP 2228 is fitted with a CTIS system, the 6x6 MRAP also has this system in addition to the "run-flat" tire inserts, which raises the mobility of the vehicle to the highest level. Vehicle armour protection provides STANAG 3 level protection on all sides of the vehicle. The thickness of the bulletproof glass is adjusted to the standard so that the level of protection is the same on all parts of the vehicle. The lower part of the armoured hull is shaped in such a way that it offers protection against the blast under the vehicle and thus satisfies the characteristics of the MRAP concept vehicles.

The M-20 6x6 vehicle is a key factor in ensuring the protected mobility of the Serbian Armed Forces’ infantry, and it is planned to achieve this through two families of wheeled armoured combat vehicles of domestic production.