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02 Aug 2020
Regarding the continued campaign of false news and media lynching of the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin by the Luxembourg media and the network of portals prepared for that purpose, the ...
01 Aug 2020
Regarding the malicious and false claims of the retired General SretaMalinović, the Ministry of Defence points out that the Regulation on Aviators and Air Service stipulates that the Commander of the ...
17 Jul 2020
Today, approximately at 17.20, a traffic accident occurred in Belgrade residential area Bele Vode in which a military motor vehicle ran off the road while executing a regular task.
27 Jun 2020
After one of the state secretaries in the Ministry of Defence had been hospitalised for being tested positive for Covid-19, and during regular testing of all individuals with whom he was in contact, ...
30 Oct 2019
The Military Syndicate once again irresponsibly and maliciously presents notorious lies directed against the Ministry of Defense. They have not informed any competent authority of the shameless ...