Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


The claim made by the representatives of the Serbian Military Union that nothing has been done in the past period to improve the working conditions and the position of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces is, in a word, absurd. Over the past ten years, the military has progressed in every respect, which is evident to anyone who wants to see it.

It is well known that the Serbian Armed Forces and all other militaries in the world are based on the principles of subordination and a single command. Superiors have the right to command and manage in accordance with the law and the Service Regulations, they have the right to assess and evaluate the quality of their subordinates’ work, and they bear responsibility for all the aforementioned. Allegations that professional soldiers’ contracts are not extended due to the commanders’ arbitrariness are untrue. This has happened only to those who did not meet the requirements of the service and who committed the breach of military discipline, which all their colleagues are well aware of.

The equipment used by soldiers during training, which can be seen in the photos published on the websites of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces is not new, but it is in good working order. When organizing training, especially at the basic levels, the economy of force dictates the use of old equipment. Soldiers who successfully complete training and enter professional military service are issued weapons and equipment in accordance with the nature of the duties they perform and continue their training using those. Even the future members of special units, who have the most modern weapons and equipment, use old equipment and wear old uniforms during the selective training. However, the Military Union deliberately provides future candidates with false interpretations of the photos, even though they are publicly available on the official websites.
Regarding the Military Union’ accusations against, as they call it, the "information service" of the Ministry of Defence, we emphasize that the positions expressed in our statements are the official positions of the Ministry of Defence.

Despite constant malicious efforts to persuade young people who see a future in the Serbian Armed Forces to give up that honourable and noble goal, the Ministry of Defence will continue to promote in a truthful and objective manner the military profession and the institution that enjoys the greatest trust of the citizens of our country.