Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


The Ministry of Defence firmly rejects the monstrous and blatant lies uttered today by the Prime Minister of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Priština, Albin Kurti, and calls on the international community to react immediately in order to stop the Priština leadership’s incendiary and dirty media campaign against the Republic of Serbia and its officials.

We emphasize that in order to preserve peace and stability in Kosovo and Metohija, it is of the utmost importance that the temporary institutions in Priština are forced to immediately stop the day-to-day terror against the Serbian people, implement all agreements and immediately form the Community of Serb-Majority Municipalities.

The barefaced lies, insults and slanders uttered by Kurti every day as part of his dirty media campaign against the Republic of Serbia and its leadership fully reveal his intention to destroy any chance of easing the tension in our southern province.
The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces will remain committed to their constitutional and legal roles in an effort to preserve the security and peaceful life of all citizens of Serbia.

We are convinced that the defamatory statements made today by the representatives of the temporary Priština institutions, like many in the past, are unequivocal evidence as to who benefits from causing chaos and violence, and in whose interest it is to preserve peace, continue dialogue and reach a political solution to the crisis in Kosovo and Metohija.