Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Minister receives the acclaimed cameraman

Министар одбране примио славног сниматељаDefence Minister Zoran Djordjevic has received today the celebrated cameraman Stevan Labudovic. In a cordial conversation they talked about the times captured by Labudovic’s gift and cameraman’s eye saving them from oblivion, starting from numerous historical gayhrings and events at the highest level to the revolutionary events in North Africa and the Middle East. Namely, Labudovic’s film stories and photographs of the most dramatic moments of the Algerian revolution circulated around the world, thanks to which the truth about this fight went around the world, and our cameraman became the Algerian national hero.
In addition to the overall rich filming oeuvre, Stevan Labudovic was one of the two cameramen who directly monitored and perpetuated by camera the decades of the activities of the then President of Yugoslavia and the Supreme Commander of the JNA, Josip Broz Tito.
For his work, Labudovic was awarded the highest national and international awards, and for the decades of successful cooperation with the defence system, especially with the "Zastava film" Military Film Centre, and contribution to filming activities, he received the letter of thanks of the Ministry of Defence and a symbolic gift.