Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Enhancing cooperation with France in the field of defence

Министар одбране примио амбасадорку ФранцускеDefence Minister Zoran Djordjevic and French Ambassador to Serbia Christine Moro agreed at today's meeting that the traditionally good and stable relations between the two countries influence the excellent cooperation in the defence field.
Minister Djordjevic said that the Ministry of Defence will continue to lead a balanced defence policy and contribute to the further qualitative development of relations in the field of defence with all countries and international organizations, in accordance with the defined national interests.
He stressed that Serbia has been strongly committed to preserving the stability of the region, but that it has made a significant contribution when it comes to global security, bearing in mind the participation of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces in multinational operations, adding that he expects the cooperation with France in this area to continue and get improved.
"Military cooperation in the field of contribution to multinational operations is of great military and political significance. We are particularly grateful for the support that France provides to the Serbian Armed Forces in Djibouti, where we are using storage capacities in the French military base, as well as for the professional relationship and the assistance that the French side offered during the preparation, training and deployment of autonomous vessel protection detachments to operation ATALANTA", minister Djordjevic said.
At the meeting they also discussed the participation of the Serbian Minister of Defence at the upcoming Conference on Multinational Operations in London. Currently, 332 members of the Serbian Armed Forces are participating in peacekeeping missions, in a total of ten multinational operations of the United Nations and the European Union.