Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Marking of 201st anniversary of the Bаttle of Ljubic

The Battle of Ljubic was one of the major events in the Second Serbian Uprising, because it decided the path of Serbia for its freedom and the creation of an independent state, the Mayor of Cacak, Vojislav Ilic said, on the occasion of marking the 201st anniversary of the Battle of Ljubic.

"The most important event took place on 6th June1815 at this place where a gun battalion was commanded by Tanasko Rajic and, defending them, he lost his life with his soldiers", recalled Ilic.

Assistant Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Milan Popovic, pointed out that the Serbian rebels, in the battle of Ljubic, showed their determination in the fight against the Turks and the desire for freedom of Serbia that has no price.

"Serbian rebels wrote the brave Serbian history with their blood and lives, and it is up to us to cherish the memory of all those Serbs who gave their lives for the freedom of Serbia; that we highly appreciate freedom and nurture it as well as to indicate our descendants and the young generations the great and courageous past of the Serbian people", Popovic said.

With such a brilliant past, Serbia is sure of libertarian and democratic future for which we, the contemporaries of this age, fight with all the sacrifices that are needed to preserve, improve and develop our Serbia in this and in future times, Popovic said.

Wreaths at the monument to the great soldier Tanasko Rajic on the Ljubic hill were laid by representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Veterans and Social Affairs, the Serbian Armed Forces, the City of Cacak, Moravica District, citizens' associations.

Battle of Ljubic took place on 6 June 1815 and it was the most significant battle in the Second Serbian Uprising. On that occasion, safeguarding the guns, Tanasko Rajic, Commander of Serbian artillery, was killed.

On the Ljubic hill, there were Serbian trenches established, Turks surrounded Rajic's position and were able to subdue him.

However, the Turkish commander Imshir Pasha was also killed in the battle and the Serbs managed to win the battle of Ljubic.