Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Letters of Gratitude for a successfully performed ceremony on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day and the Victory Day

Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic presented the letters of gratitude to members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces and the civil organizations today, in the Guards Club in Topcider, on the occasion of cea successfully performed ceremony marking the Serbian Armed Forces Day and the Victory Day which was held in Zrenjanin on 9th May.

In gratitude for the extremely successful cooperation, General Dikovic awarded the City of Zrenjanin the Plaque of the Serbian Armed Forces, which he conferred to the Mayor Cedomir Janjic.

The Chief of General Staff expressed his gratitude and congratulated those present who contributed to the ceremony in Zrenjanin to be successful.

According to him, whenever the Serbian Armed Forces has a chance to go out in public from the barracks and training grounds and polygons on which its members spend most of the time, there is always some risk of the public assessment of its capabilities.

- That is what we have done now in Zrenjanin, boldly and bravely, knowing that we have the quality that we can come not only in the public of Serbia, but also in front of the world public with what should adorn the army of any country, and where we are, I'm sure, among the leaders – General Dikovic said adding that firmness, military drill, discipline, dedication to the call and the state could be seen at the event held at the Square of Liberty in Zrenjanin.

After almost a decade, General Dikovic recalled, the army returned to Zrenjanin, with the intention that our officers and soldiers live and work with people of libertarian traditions, to feel the presence of soldiers guards, as it was hundreds of years ago.

Commander of the ceremony in Zrenjanin, Chief of Operations of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Major General Vojin C. Jondic, stressed that the task of the celebration of the Armed Forces Day and the Victory Day in the Zrenjanin Garrison has been successfully executed, evaluating the members of the Serbian Armed Forces as very good, and the civilian organizations – excellent.