Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Monograph and exhibition on Serbia and Pozarevac in the Second World War presented

On the occasion of 75 years since the beginning of the Second World War in Yugoslavia and 70 years of liberation from fascism, Odbrana Media Centre and the Historical Archives of Pozarevac presented today in the Conference Hall of the Central Military Club a monograph and exhibition " Serbia and Pozarevac in the Second World War, 1941-1944 – occupational administration, refugees, education".

Director of the Historical Archives of Pozarevac Jasmina Nikolic, Marijana Mraovic, PhD, one of the authors of the project, and Scientific Advisor of the Institute for Recent History of Serbia from Belgrade, Zoran Janjetovic, PhD, spoke about the monograph. The exhibition was presented by Slobodanka Cvetkovic from the Historical Archives of Pozarevac and the display was opened by the Commander of the Training Command of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Djokica Petrovic. The audience was addressed by the Director of the Odbrana Media Centre Colonel S. Stevica Karapandzin who pointed out that the monograph and the exhibition, which were presented today, are "the testimony of trials and victories".

The idea of the project was to present to the public the topics of the local history of Pozarevac in the Second World War, with a focus on refugee and educational issue. Every part of the monograph is at the highest scientific level and extremely well supported by unpublished archival material and stating a number of relevant historiographical literature.

The exhibition, which is thematically divided into three parts "Serbia and Pozarevac district under German occupation from 1941 to 1944", "Refugees and resettlers in Serbia and Pozarevac district from 1941 to 1944" and "Pozarevac and its schools in the period of German occupation", a special form of communication which partially returns to our memories consternation of all the human suffering, the enormous troubles of people and selfless struggle for the preservation of basic human values.

The exhibition will be open in the Small Gallery of the Central Military Club, until 7th May.