Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Confirmation of good defence cooperation between Serbia and Hungary

Defence cooperation between Serbia and Hungary is intense and on a constant rise, as concluded by the heads of departments for international military cooperation of the two countries' defence ministries, Navy Captain Milan Konjikovac and Dr. Peter Gila, during the bilateral defence consultations in Belgrade. They pointed out that the special quality of cooperation is provided by joint exercises that contribute to the development of trust and improvement of good neighbourly relations.

Navy Captain Konjikovac pointed out that, in the past two years, a series of high level meetings was held, during which agreement and understanding were reached on further forms of cooperation and he expressed the hope that this trend will continue, which is especially important in a situation where Europe and region are faced with the greatest migratory crisis since the Second World War. He briefed about the activities of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces in support of achieving foreign policy goals of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the proclaimed military neutrality.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the current political and security situation and stressed the necessity of a more intensive cooperation, especially in the field of information exchange and coordinated action for countering all forms of growing non-traditional threats to security at the regional and global levels.

Dr. Gila reiterated the support of Hungary to European integration of the Republic of Serbia and conveyed the willingness to share experiences from the engagement in the Common Security and Defence Policy and the concept of EU battle groups. He pointed out that the joint engagement of the two armies in the multinational operation UNIFICYP in Cyprus is an excellent example of professional cooperation and the creation of friendly relations in the field.

They expressed determination to continue cooperation in the focal areas, as well as to enhance it in the areas of mutual interest.
At the end of the meeting they agreed and signed the 2016 Bilateral Military Cooperation Programme.