Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Taking the military oath "March 2016"

March generation of soldiers on voluntary military service, participants in the Reserve Officer Course, candidates for professional soldiers and professional soldiers made an oath today in the "Vojvoda Zivojin Misic" barracks in Valjevo, "Vojvoda Petar Bojovic" in Leskovac and "Airport" in Sombor.

Taking the oath in Valjevo was attended by Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic, Commander of the Training Command Lieutenant General Djokica Petrovic, Deputy Commander of JOC Major General Slavoljub Janicijevic, representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, local communities, relatives and friends.

In the Valjevo 2nd Training Centre, military oath was sworn by 216 soldiers, 37 participants in the Course and three professional soldiers.

On this occasion, Minister Djordjevic pointed out that the one who chooses to become a soldier deserves special respect, because to be a soldier means to serve the common good and be prepared for a number of efforts and sacrifice, which cannot be done by everyone.

- Life is the eternal struggle. Who dares, he can. Who does not know the fear he goes forward, the Minister of Defence reminded the selected soldiers who sworn in today of the words of the famous Serbian military leader, Field Marshal Zivojin Misic, adding that this very famous and so often repeated sentence is a motto of the Serbian Armed Forces, because the courage and audacity is what leads us forward.

Djordjevic stressed that the military oath is taken once in life, to be remembered and respected forever, and that it was and still is a solemn and the highest valued act by which one expresses their loyalty.

- Today you have promised by your honour to protect and defend your homeland, ready to serve the noble cause – promoting security and reputation of our Armed Forces and our Serbia, Minister Djordjevic said, reminding all those who have now opted for a military career that this institution gives them the possibility of further education and advancement.

Today, in the Leskovac barracks "Vojvoda Petar Bojovic", 189 soldiers on voluntary military service took the military oath. The ceremony was attended by the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubisa Dikovic, Acting Assistant Minister for Budget and Finance Radmila Jagodic, Mayor of Leskovac Goran Cvetanovic, representatives of the Ministry of Interior and numerous guests.

General Dikovic congratulated the soldiers who took the military oath and on this occasion he said that "in Serbia it has always occupied a special place in the system of values, which is evidenced today in the training centres."

- May this oath fill you with pride and dignity and further strengthen your commitment to the security of the Republic of Serbia. A well-trained soldier is a guarantor of the homeland security, the pride of both the Armed Forces and his or her families, said the Chief of General Staff, adding that the Serbian Armed Forces combines tradition and the modern, "the most valuable things that our ancestors left behind and what we will leave to our descendants, and therefore it is not surprising that our citizens trust us and that the prestige of the military profession is ever greater and greater."

The ceremony in the Sombor 1st training centre was attended by State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence Nenad Neric, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Jovica Draganic, representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, local authorities, churches and numerous relatives and friends.

- You have chosen to serve Serbia honourably as reserve officers of the Serbian Armed Forces. By that decision of yours you classify yourself among those who are pride to their people. When you complete the training and become reserve officers of our army, do always try to justify everywhere the confidence that the state had in you giving you the rank, the Deputy Chief of General Staff said, telling soldiers and future reserve officers to be proud of belonging to the Serbian Armed Forces and never forget that Serbia is our only homeland.

In the 1st training centre at the "Airport" barracks today, the military oath was made by 157 soldiers, eight participants in the Course and five candidates for professional soldiers.