Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Engineering units of the Serbian Armed Forces in the municipality of Bajina Basta

Members of the 210th Engineering Battalion of the 2nd Army Brigade from Kraljevo, the unit under the command of Major Damir Novoselac, are engaged in the territory of the municipality of Bajina Basta to help out the population from damage caused by flooding since 9 March. They are engaged in making culverts, rehabilitation of culverts; they have done great job on the rehabilitation of landslides on the waterworks “Vodoizvoriste” (Water source), located in the village of Pilica, because there it was the most critical so far.

According to Sergeant First Class Bojan Jeremic, deputy commander of the task group of that battalion, in the previous period they were engaged in several villages in the Municipality of Bajina Basta - Zauljine, Beredovina, Vodovod "Vodoizvorište", Perucac, Zarožje and Zlodov.

Material for the restoration of the terrain was provided by the Municipality of Bajina Basta and is located in the village of Perucac. Engineers are engaged according to the schedule, but otherwise they are helping out citizens 24 hours a day.

- We work with the leadership of the municipality, and they determine the work positions, locations. I can praise the locals as well. They are very correct and offer help, Sergeant First Class Jeremic says.

According to Captain Sasa Sovarlic, commander of the task group, members of the battalion were engaged also in other municipalities – Arilje, Pozega, Kosjeric. The second part of their job will be rehabilitation of the existing roads damaged by the floods.

Manpower of the 210th Engineering Battalion were engaged in emergencies before – the elimination of consequences of the earthquake in Kraljevo, the construction of water supply in Uzice, the floods in 2014, and the largest and most difficult work of this group was clearing snow in 2012 in the municipalities of Nova Varos, Sjenica and Tutin.

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces have been engaged also today during the day in the places that are most affected by the floods and these are Cacak, Lucani, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar, Arilje, Kosjeric and Bajina Basta.