Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Army continues to help citizens in the flooded municipalities

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces have been engaged also today in eliminating the consequences of floods in all municipalities across the country in which the emergency was declared.

More than 280 members of the Serbian Armed Forces, with 28 motor vehicles and 20 pieces of engineering machinery, are engaged in the territories of the municipalities of Lucani, Novi Pazar, Cacak, Raska, Arilje, Bajina Basta, Kosjeric, Pozega, Topola, Trstenik, Krusevac and Kragujevac.

Most of the members of the Serbian Armed Forces are engaged in the municipality of Lucani, which suffered extensive damage after flooding of the torrential rivers in that area.

According to the Chief of Staff of the Second Brigade Colonel Muharem Fazlic, 115 members of the Second Army Brigade and 10 motor vehicles are currently engaged in Lucani.

- From the first day army members went out on the ground in the municipality of Lucani, where they are engaged in two locations – in the factory of the defence industry "Milan Blagojevic" and in the village of Dljin. Within the mentioned factory, 450 meters of new protective walls have been built, which was filled with about five thousand bags of cement, and there is still about 150 meters of protective walls which remains to be done, thus creating conditions to fully protect that part which was affected by the flood wave in the past period – Colonel Fazlic explained.

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces are engaged on fixing the consequences of floods, clearing residential buildings, as well as clearing the premises of the defence plant.

Acting Commander of 22 Infantry Battalion from Pozega, Captain Ivan Catic pointed out that members of that battalion have been deployed upon the orders of the superior command at the request of the Staff for Emergency Situations of the municipality of Lucani on repairing the damage caused by floods in the territory of the municipality.

- We have been engaged to assist companies in clearing the deposits within the premises of the companies and workplaces - Captain Catic said.