Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

State Secretary Djordjevic meets US Ambassador Scott

State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence Zoran Djordjevic met today with the newly appointed US Ambassador to Belgrade Kyle Scott. On that occasion he stressed gratitude of the Republic of Serbia for the support by the United States in the process of the European integration and the significance of the defence policy of our country nurturing and developing partnerships both in the East and the West.
During the meeting, both sides agreed that bilateral military cooperation between Serbia and the US, as the most developed segment of interstate cooperation has a positive impact on the overall relations between the two countries. They highlighted a number of programmes and mechanisms used both by the United States and the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces in the process of cooperation, and the importance of joint exercises and training in the process of improving the operational and functional capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the United States. The emphasis during the talks was put on projects such as the completion of equipping the "South" base and the development of engineering capacities of the Serbian Armed Forces for the participation in peacekeeping operations.
They stressed the importance of military medical cooperation as well as cooperation with the Ohio National Guard through the State Partnership Programme. They exchanged views on the current migratory crisis and the potential role of the Serbian Armed Forces in its resolution.
The interlocutors also discussed the importance of the forthcoming Bilateral Defence Consultations between the Republic of Serbia and the United States, where the US delegation will be led by Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence Dr Michael Carpenter. It was noted that during the consultations the results of previous military cooperation will be analysed and guidelines for the future period defined.