Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister of Defence meets Ohio National Guard Adjutant General

Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic met today with the Adjutant General of the Ohio National Guard Major General Mark Bartman.

Gasic and Bartman agreed that the cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ohio National Guard, under the State Partnership Program, was exceptionally good. During the ten-year cooperation with the Ohio NG, Humanitarian Assistance Projects became a recognizable example of joint efforts in assisting the local people. Also, the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have the most developed defence cooperation with the United States.

Priority within the defence cooperation is development of the South base and holding joint exercises and training activities. Equipping of the South base was realized by the funds from the United States Government assistance program. Minister Gasic pointed out that he hoped for the continuation of cooperation in the joint promotion of the capacity of the base. In accordance with the priorities of cooperation, next year, joint exercises "Platinum Wolf 16" and "Platinum Wolf 17" will be conducted in the South base.

Gasic and Bartman discussed cooperation in the field of peacekeeping missions. The Republic of Serbia has nominated a military engineering general support company for participation in the UN-led multinational operations, and the United States, under the Global Peacekeeping Operations Initiative programme earmarked resources to support the development of capacities and capabilities of the company. The topic of the discussion was also the joint engagement of medical teams of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ohio NG in Angola in 2017.