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Minister Gašić visits Army Command in Niš

Minister of Defence Bratislav Gašić visited the Army Command in Niš today.
He was accompanied on the visit by the Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lt. Gen.  Želimir Glišović.

Army Commander Lt. Gen. Milosav Simović presented the minister of defence with the organizational structure and principal tasks of this service branch of the Serbian Armed Forces.

At today’s meeting, Minister Gašić spoke to the officers occupying the most responsible positions at the Army Command about matters that are of the greatest importance to the Army.  
- We are all witnesses to the fact that the Army has strengthened a lot in the recent period, that it has been equipping itself with modern weapons and military equipment, but also to the fact that its members have been ready to respond to all tasks given to them and able to provide assistance to our citizens whenever needed. Special importance is attached to the development and provision of equipment for the Army, and this tendency will continue in the coming period with the support of the state and military leaderships, bearing in mind that modern weapons and a well-equipped and trained soldier are the key to success of every army in these challenging times – stressed the minister of defence.
According to Minister Gašić, at the meeting there was also talk about the tasks that members of the Army have been carrying out responsibly, professionally and successfully for years along the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and in the Ground Safety Zone, safeguarding peace and ensuring security of all our citizens, which he praised them for.

After the meeting at the Army Command, Minister Gašić visited the Memorial Room and the display of weapons and military equipment of the Army.
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The visit