Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Display of Arms and Military Equipment of the Serbian Armed Forces in Niš

President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleksandar Vučić, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović, visited today a display of arms and military equipment of the Serbian Armed Forces held in Niš to mark the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia.

Upon the completion of the display, President Vučić extended his greetings to the minister of defence, chief of General Staff, all members of the Serbian Armed Forces and citizens of Serbia for the next day’s holiday - Candlemas, our greatest state and national holiday, which, according to the president of the Republic, is the day which most expressively speaks about our history, and at the same time it shows us our path into the future, which is the path of Karađorđe’s courage, Miloš’s wisdom and permanent fight for the preservation of Serbian independence and freedom.

- Some of the most advanced weapons of the Serbian Armed Forces have been presented in Niš today. I would like to thank all our workers in factories and ask them to continue working, producing the best arms and weapons, from “Nora”, “Tamnava”, to “Gvozdika”, so that we can always protect our country. Serbia will jealously protect its military neutrality, and protect its sky and its citizens. We will have sufficient capabilities for that, always enough the-state-of-the-art weapons, and always enough brave hearts such as those of our warriors, our heroes, our veterans who are with us today - said President Vučić adding that they had been always ready to lay their lives at the altar of their fatherland.

As the president of the Republic stressed, there are many things that we are to learn from our past, but it is the most important to endeavour to push our country forward, to make economic progress, to think about higher salaries and pensions, and “to never forget the highest value of Serbia, and all its citizens and the Serbian people as a whole”.

- That is freedom. We must never sacrifice our freedom at any cost, and that is why I am proud President of Serbia, who can say today that Serbia is free, independent, that it makes its own decisions - President Vučić said.

At today’s display, the public had an opportunity to see for the first time an electronic warfare system “Repellent” intended for countering unmanned aerial vehicles.
The display in Niš presented combat and non-combat systems, numerous weapons, military equipment and products of Serbian defence industry.
The visitors showed a great interest in unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, combat vehicles “Lazar-3”, “Miloš”, MRAP, armoured transporter BOV OT 4x4, modernised combat infantry vehicles BVP AB1 and several versions of “hummwees” with different types of weapons, such as “Kornet”, “Fagot”, and 12.7 mm machine gun.

The visitors also had an opportunity to see observation assets, protective equipment, and riot control equipment, and vehicles “Berket G3” used by members of the Military Police.

The display included light weapons - sub machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles and rifles, and there was a presentation of quadricycles QUAD, NTV Zastava TERVO and “small Miloš”.

Today’s display also presented the materiel - tanks M-84 and T-72, 125 mm self-propelled howitzers “Nora B-53”, then, Fighting armoured vehicle POLO and anti-aircraft systems FK-3, PASSARS, “Pantsir”, “Mistral” and “Kub”.

A flypast of aeroplanes MiG-29 and CASA C-295, and helicopters Mi-35 and H-145 contributed to the grandeur of the ceremony of marking the Statehood Day of Serbia.

Today’s displayed gathered representatives of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, representatives of institutions and Serbian defence industry, local self-government and numerous citizens.
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