Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Obligations Department holds annual performance review meeting

An annual meeting evaluating the execution of tasks that fall within the competence of the Defence Obligations Department and that were included in its 2023 Annual Work Plan, was held today in the Topčider barracks.   
The meeting, chaired by the Head of the Defence Obligations Department, Colonel Goran Desančić, was attended by acting Assistant Minister for Human Resources Siniša Radović.
The meeting chiefly analysed the results achieved by the Defence Obligations Department and the subordinate regional offices of the Ministry of Defence in the execution of tasks falling within their competence: defence preparations planning and the coordination of defence entities’ preparations, service obligation, compulsory labour and requisition, mobilization, citizen training and coordination of civil protection activities. Also, the main objective and priority tasks for the year 2024 were adopted.
Awards were given to the most deserving members of the Defence Obligations Department and regional centres, as well as certificates of appreciations to associates. Regional Centre Kragujevac, headed by Colonel Nebojša Nikolić, was declared the best regional centre of the Ministry of Defence in 2023.
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