Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Premiere of documentary “Portrait of 243rd Mechanized Brigade”

The documentary "Portrait of the 243rd Mechanized Brigade", produced by the Military Film Centre "Zastava Film", Public Relations Department, Ministry of Defence, premiered tonight at the Yugoslav Cinematheque.
  The premiere was attended by the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, and members of the Defence Minister’s and Chief of the General Staff’s collegiums.

The film is a depiction of a unit that holds an important place in contemporary national and military historiography. It describes the historical and war journey of the unit that played a significant role in the defence of the country against NATO aggression in 1999 and the establishment of the Ground Safety Zone in 2000.

This documentary shows the historical development and significance of the 243rd Mechanized Brigade. The film saves from oblivion the heroism of the brigade members and brings to life significant moments, changes and accomplishments of this brigade.
  The testimonies of its members, caught on camera, show that this unit, as well as some other important Serbian military units, was composed of its members’ virtues. This film is a kind of historical time machine and a testimony of different social and governmental frameworks and military systems in which the unit existed and operated.
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The film premiere