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Ceremony to mark Defence University Day

The Defence University Day was celebrated at the Guard Club in Topčider today.

The ceremony was attended by Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, and State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence Mile Jelić.
At tonight’s ceremony, a Plaque of the Defence University was awarded to General Mojsilović as a token of gratitude for his cooperation, contribution to the development of military education and support for the education process carried out at the Defence University. The award was presented to General Mojsilović by Vice Rector of the Defence University, Colonel Boban Đorović, PhD.

Addressing the audience, Colonel Đorović said that over the past 12 years, the Defence University had striven to provide quality study programmes, text books and scientific work.

- It has striven to encourage teachers to persevere on the path of personal improvement and the teaching and scientific work, to prove and distinguish itself in the academic world, not forgetting that it belongs primarily to the defence system, stressed the Vice Rector, adding that the Defence University had achieved impressive results both in defence system and the higher education in Serbia.
- The Defence University has an important task - to attract and admit a larger number of young teachers and associates, researchers and cadets in particular, in order to improve the quality of education. The Defence University will strive to increase the number of its personnel in the days and months to come, said Colonel Đorović.

At today's ceremony, academician Bela Balint, a distinguished haematology and transfusion medicine scientist, was awarded the Professor Emeritus title. The award was presented to him by Colonel Đorović.

Colonel Đorović, Commandant of the Military Academy, Colonel Srđan Blagojević, PhD, and Dean of the Military Medical Academy’s Medical Faculty, Prof. Sonja Marjanović, presented doctoral certificates to those who have completed their PhD programmes at the Defence University.
  Cadet Lazar Milić, the pro-rector of the Defence University, also addressed the audience, saying that wearing a uniform was a responsible and dignified task. He added that love of the homeland was what encouraged them to overcome all obstacles and difficulties in an honest and honourable way and make sacrifices required by the military profession.

- The more we give to our homeland and our people, the younger we are at heart and the more eternal we are. And the heart feels unconditional love for its homeland, just as it should, continuously striving for perfection, building a patriotic and unified Serbia, said cadet Milić.

At the ceremony, the Defence University’s certificates of appreciation for cooperation were awarded to the Budget and Finance Department, Ministry of Defence, National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, teachers whose employment service ended over the past year and the best cadets.
  The Defence University was founded on this day in 2011. It is an independent higher education institution that offers first, second and third degree academic studies in academic disciplines such as social sciences and humanities, technological and medical sciences.
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Address by Vice Rector of Defence University, Colonel Boban Djorovic
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Address by pro-rector of Defence University, cadet Lazar Milic
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The ceremony