Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Stefanović: President Vučić is a major obstacle to an independent and ethnically cleansed Kosovo and Metohija

Statement by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD:

"United Nations Security Council meeting devoted to the situation in Kosovo and Metohija has once again provided an arena for spreading the most brutal lies against Serbia and President Aleksandar Vučić, thanks to the representative of the so-called Pristina government, who, following the example of her predecessors, severely abused her right to speak before this UN body. Pristina’s so-called  Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla, came to the UN Security Council meeting to tell lies, during her entire address, to make wild accusations against Serbia and its president unbefitting for a conversation in a bar, let alone for a Security Council meeting.
  Pristina politicians have shamelessly been trying for months to turn the tragedy in Ukraine to their own advantage. Who would believe the Pristina "minister" who says that President Vučić and Serbia are preparing some kind of military aggression in the Balkans? Don’t they know that there is not a single leader or government in Europe and the rest of the world with whom President Vučić is not in constant communication and that everyone holds him in deep respect for pursuing the policy of peace and reconciliation in the region? The fact that Gërvalla tells barefaced lies before the Security Council about Serbia’s alleged aggressive plans is not only an insult to the UN, but also to common sense.
Her so-called government and its head, Albin Kurti, are the only ones who pose a constant security threat in the Balkans. They persecute Kosovo Serbs, they constantly send armed units to arrest and persecute innocent people, they constantly intimidate them and want to expel them in order to carry through their policy of ethnic cleansing. Gërvalla and her so-called government tolerate continuous desecration of Serbian graves, attacks on Serbs and their property. They persecute anyone who tries to return to their home in Kosovo and Metohija. Her so-called government forbids Kosovo Serbs from voting for their political representatives and stifles freedom of movement and speech. They are the ones who have expelled 250,000 Serbs from their homes, and their only policy is to ban them from returning and to expel all the remaining Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija.
How shameless does one have to be to come before the Security Council with such a history of violence and persecution and lie about them being the victims, when in fact they are the bullies? Serbia is not a threat to anyone and everyone in the UN and the Security Council knows that. They also know that President Vučić is a true creator of peace and stability in the Balkans for all its peoples, especially for Serbs and Albanians. The whole world supports his efforts and no amount of lies from Kurti, Gërvalla and the likes can change that. Their problem is that they are having a hard time creating a state and that they cannot fulfil their dream of Kosovo and Metohija without a single Serb, and their major obstacle for doing so is Aleksandar Vučić. The lies they tell before the Security Council are the best proof of their impotence."