Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Sixth Session of Joint Serbia-Angola Committee on Defence Cooperation in Luanda

A delegation representing the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, led by State Secretary Aleksandar Živković, Co-Chair of the Joint Serbia-Angola Committee on Defence Cooperation, has paid an official visit to the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Angola.
  State Secretary Živković met with the Angolan Minister of National Defence and Homeland Veterans João Ernesto dos Santos, Chief of the General Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces António Egídio de Sousa Santos, and Secretary of State for Material Resources and Infrastructure, Lieutenant General Afonso Carlos Neto, at the headquarters of the Angolan Chamber of Commerce.

State Secretary Živković informed his interlocutors about Serbia’s defence policy and policy of military neutrality and the preservation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. Among other things, he emphasized our appreciation of Angola’s unwavering support for the defence of the principles of international law and our gratitude for Angola’s firm position and support for Serbia’s efforts to preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty.
The plenary session and meetings of the mixed subcommittees on military to military, military-economic, military-medical and military-educational cooperation defined concrete proposals and activities to be undertaken by both sides in order to further improve defence cooperation.

The delegation representing the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia included representatives of Serbian companies operating in Angola: "Yugoimport SDPR", "JOMIL", "PLANUM", the "VLATACOM" Institute and "YUMCO".
  Representatives of Serbian companies presented their products and capabilities, and made proposals for continued cooperation and joint projects in Angola, which are of special importance for the Angolan Armed Forces and the defence system.