Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Preparation of Infantry Unit for UN Peacekeeping Operation in Lebanon

Training area “Borovec” and the “South” Base are the venues for the on-going collective training of an Infantry unit of the Third Army Brigade for its participation in United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

The training represents a segment of several-month-long preparations underwent by the troops in order to be fully competent to execute their tasks in the mission.
At this stage of the preparations, the Infantry unit members perform their work in the conditions similar to those in Lebanon, and the suppositions they resolve are entirely adapted to the situations that they may face in the execution of tasks in the operation zone. The focus is placed on practicing tactical actions and procedures for the execution of collective tasks, such as securing convoys, mass gatherings control, establishing check-points, territory control, decontamination of personnel and equipment and the evacuation of the injured.
Next month, in the final part of the preparations, the Infantry unit will have a tactical exercise which will test the competence of the unit for the participation in this mission.
The engagement of Serbian Armed Forces Infantry unit in United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon was initiated in 2013, and the unit performs its tasks as part of a Spanish battalion in a multinational brigade in the sector “East”.