Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Soldiers undergo telecommunications training

Soldiers are currently undergoing intensive telecommunications training at the SAF IT and Signals Training Centre in Gornji Milanovac.
This is specialist training for soldiers (Class of December 2021) performing their military service and additional training for newly recruited professional soldiers, who are being trained in this unit as teletype operators, radio teletype operators, radio relay operators and radio telephone operators.  During the training, the soldiers learn about the purpose and characteristics of radio devices in the Serbian Armed Forces, train for fast transmission of encrypted and open texts and receive practical lessons in setting up stations and handling devices, relocating telecommunications centres and taking electronic protection measures.  The training uses older generation devices, but also state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment, which provides timely and good-quality information transfer and command, providing an adequate level of confidential data protection and minimizing the risk of enemy counteraction.  After completing additional training, professional soldiers will utilize the acquired knowledge and skills in performing their duties in SAF units, while the Class of December 2021 will be tested for specialist skills and then sent to SAF units where they will be undergoing collective training until the end of their military service.