Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Budget Department

Department for Budget is an internal unit of the Budget and Finance Sector which performs the following tasks related to:
  • creating a Draft Financial Plan, compiling periodical and annual reports regarding the implementation of the Financial Plan, as well creating the Decision on Financing the Ministry of Defence;
  • normative arrangement of financial activities, as well normative, legal and analytical activities regulating employees payments system, additional benefits, allowances and other payments of professional members of Serbian Armed Forces both within the country and abroad, payments of students and cadets within military educational institutions, personnel attending professional advancement courses for officers and non-commissioned officers, social welfare benefits and financial support to the professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces, and allowance for personnel outside the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces hired for performing certain tasks without permanent employment;
  • planning, organizing and controlling financial activities, and 
  • coordinating activities referring to the establishment and development of the system for financial management and control, monitoring and reporting on the state of financial management and control within the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.

Head of Department :
Luka Lj. Zloporubović, PhD
Phone: 011/ 32 03 067