Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Ministers Stefanović and Guliyev Signed Agreement on Military Technical Cooperation between Serbia and Azerbaijan

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović PhD met Minister of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan Lieutenant General Madat Guliyev, in the eve of the official opening ceremony of the Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment “Partner 2021”.

On that occasion, the two officials signed the Agreement on Military Technical Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Minister Stefanović thanked his colleague from Azerbaijan, Lieutenant General Madat Guliyev for having answered the invitation and coming to our country.

- He is an outstanding friend of our country. I am greatly honoured by the fact that President Aliyev decided that the minister should come, visit our Exhibition, and that we should talk about such important topics regarding our military-to-military and military technical cooperation. The participation of the delegation from Azerbaijan in the tenth, annual Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment “Partner 2021” is precisely one of the impulses and an excellent opportunity to discuss concrete steps for the enhancement of our cooperation – Minister Stefanović underscored.

He pointed out that during the talks, both sides concluded that the relations between the two countries were exceptional, and that there was still room for the advancement of military and industrial cooperation.

– I took this opportunity as well to thank Minister Guliyev for the principled support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Serbia – Stefanović stated.

According to him, Azerbaijan is a friend of Serbia and it stood by Serbia in all difficult moments that our country underwent.

- Today, we have signed the Agreement between our two governments on military technical cooperation. When this Agreement enters into force, a legal framework will be created for the cooperation between the two ministries in military economic and military technical spheres, through the realisation of projects of mutual interest. I hope that Minister Guliyev, during his visit to the Exhibition, will have an opportunity to see some of the latest products of our defence industry. At the same time, I am very glad that he had time to familiarise himself a bit with our customs and spend several days here, during which we were able several times to discuss concrete steps in our future cooperation – the minister explained.

He yet again expressed his great gratitude to the minister and all members of his delegation for coming to our country and added that he hoped for good results of this visit.

Minister of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan Lieutenant General Madat Guliyev stated that it was an honour for him to participate in the Exhibition “Partner 2021”.

- I am very happy because our presided authorised me to sign the Agreement between the Governments of our countries, together with my brother, Mister Nebojša Stefanović. The two of us know each other very well, and it seems that the on-going cooperation makes good progress. According to our opinion, all of us who will be at this Exhibition should stick together in the face of international challenges in the world. Our presidents are already cherish close ties and support each other in all matters. Of course, we support the integrity of the state of Serbia – said Azerbaijani official.

He pointed out that the Agreement that had been signed earlier that day would further promote the relations between our states.

- In that respect, our cooperation is going to be reinforced and we will together respond to all challenges. I wish progress and wellbeing to Serbia. Our president tasked me to convey cordial greetings to Serbian side from our state and Government. We will stand beside you in every challenge. I wish you happiness, wellbeing and healthy life all over the world – Minister Guliyev stated.
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