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Serbian Armed Forces’ helicopters help put out fire in Čačak's "Sloboda"

7.50 p.m.
The Serbian Armed Forces’ helicopters performed a total of 50 flyovers today and dropped 110,000 litres of water over the depot used for storing fuse components at Čačak’s "Sloboda" factory, where a fire had broken out the previous night, followed by a series of explosions.

5 p.m 
Three Serbian Armed Forces Air Force and Air Defence helicopters type Mi-8 and Mi-17, are currently involved in putting out the fire in the "Sloboda" factory in Čačak.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, who talked this morning to the management of the factory where there had been a fire and a series of explosions in a separate facility used for storing fuse components the previous night, announced that military helicopters would help put out the fire.
The helicopters took off from the "Morava" airport near Kraljevo at around 2.30 pm, and they filled the buckets, as planned, on Lake Međuvršje not far from Čačak. A total of 12 flyovers were conducted by 4 pm, and helicopters dropped almost 48,000 litres of water over the fire near the factory in Čačak. Helicopters will continue putting out the fire in the afternoon.
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Putting out the fire