Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New combat vehicles and weapons for Serbian Armed Forces

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, attended today the signing of a contract between the Ministry of Defence and Kragujevac-based companies “Zastava Arms“ (“Zastava oružje“) and “Zastava TERVO“ for the procurement of materiel for the needs of the Serbian Armed Forces.
Minister Stefanović said that this was the best way to use domestic knowhow, hire domestic companies and for our soldiers to receive modern materiel.

„Today we are signing a contract for the procurement of new modular rifles for the Serbian Armed Forces produced by “Zastava Arms“ that will be fitted with modern optical sights produced by “Teleoptik-Žiroskopi“ and new ammunition developed by our company “Prvi Partizan“. Also, we have continued investing in our companies producing modern armoured transporters“, Minister Stefanović said.

He specified that today a purchase contract for a new MRAP 6x6 off-road armoured vehicle was being signed that would be introduced in the Serbian Armed Forces armament next year.
“Also, our “Prva Petoletka“ from Trstenik has developed a prototype and manufactured a zero series of Pasars rocket artillery system, that will be one of the MOD’s procurement priorities next year, said the Minister.

Stefanović pointed out that he was glad this was only the beginning of a large number of projects for the procurement of modern weapons and military equipment for the Serbian Armed Forces.

“Modern, new generation equipment at that, produced by the domestic defence industry, because that is the strategic vision of the President and Supreme Commander Aleksandar Vučić and the Ministry of Defence’s strategic commitment“, emphasized Stefanović.
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Signing of the contract