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BRDM-2MS Vehicles Are Significant Enhancement for Reconnaissance Units of Serbian Armed Forces

Owing to good results achieved in military-economic cooperation with foreign partners, the Serbian Armed Forces are equipped better than ever. Donations provided by the Russian Federation gave considerable contribution to equipment of our armed forces and they include 30 modernised armoured-reconnaissance automobiles BRDM-2MS, whose delivery to Serbia was initiated last year. The received vehicles are highly reliable and they largely increase operational-manoeuvring capabilities and fire power of reconnaissance units of Serbian Armed Forces units.
Armoured-reconnaissance vehicles BRDM-2MS are intended for reconnaissance activities in all combat operations on land and water. These vehicles can be used for combat covering, combat with enemy covering units, transport of couriers and liaison officers, as a telecommunications asset, and command vehicle, and for assault on enemy commando forces.
In comparison to BRDM-2, the armoured-reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2MS is significantly modernised and enhanced. For example, instead of a petrol engine, BRDM-2MS possesses a new 150 HP diesel engine, which enabled double movement radius. In relation to its predecessor which did not possess that, BRDM-2MS has anti-fire device, thermal vision camera, laser range finder, capability of parallel surveillance by commander and marksman, guidance of marksman by commander (target acquisition), geopositioning using GPS navigation on an electronic map, electronic monitoring of engine operation on driver’s panel, steering by means of back cameras, surveillance from the vehicle and 24 hour autonomy of the crew using six television cameras, and the entrance through a side door, which reduces the time necessary to enter-exit the vehicle.
Introduction of the armoured-reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2MS into organic arms of reconnaissance units of the Serbian Armed Forces is important first of all because of the ability to conduct surveillance by night, given that the vehicles are equipped with thermal vision cameras capable of spotting targets at a distance of 3.5 kilometres, and recognition at 2 kilometres, which facilitates surveillance and reconnaissance by night. When compared to the old BRDM, the new BRDM-2MS is much more suitable for operation and handling.
A feature which the Serbian Armed Forces consider to be very important is that the armoured-reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2MS provides additional protection of personnel and contributes to higher safety of execution of tasks by the units of our armed forces. A raise in degree of ballistic protection to level 3A and an increase in fire power resulted in the vehicles being capable of successfully accompanying armoured units in theatre, which was rather difficult with the previous model.
At the front side, BRDM-2MS is armoured with a 14 mm thick armour, and at its sides, the armour is 7 mm thick and on the bottom, it is 8 mm thick. Additional ballistic protection consists of 20 plates 6 mm thick and it stops bullets of 7.62 and 12.7 mm calibre on all sides. The front side of the armour provides protection against 14.5 mm calibre bullets at a distance of 300 meters. There is anti-mine carpet placed on the floor of the vehicle, which improves anti-mine protection.
Fire management system on BRDM-2MS vehicle is completely new. The vehicle is armed with 14.5 mm machine guns KPVT with fire rate of 600 bullets per minute and 7.62 PKT with fire rate of 700 bullets per minute. The asset possesses two sighting-surveillance devices and due to gyrostabilisation of the turret it is possible to engage targets on the move. Fire management system enables stabilisation of arms and sighting devices while firing, automatic adjustment of arms axes with the axes of sighting device, blocking electrical switch when the arms are in the position of unsafe firing and placing the arms in refilling position.
The BRDM-2MS crew consists of five members, commander, driver, marksman and two scouts. The vehicle overcomes slants of up to 30 degrees and side slant of 25 degrees. The speed on asphalt road is 90 to 100 km/h, and on dirt roads 40 to 50 km/h.
In July 2019, 10 of 30 modernised vehicles BRDM-2MS were delivered to Serbia which as a donation of the Russian Federation to our country. Modernisation of these vehicles was also a part of the donation made by the Russian Federation.
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