Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin Visited Belarusian Military Academy and “All Saints’” Church in Minsk

In the framework of his visit to Belarus, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin visited the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus where the Head Major General Victor Lisovsky introduced him to the history, tasks and new educational methods used in that military higher educational establishment. After that, Minister Vulin, with members of his delegation, toured a display in the Military History Hall and specialised seminar rooms where instruction is held.
It was stressed during the visit that so far good cooperation in the field of military education offers a multitude of opportunities for joint scientific and research projects and other forms of cooperation between the military academies of Serbia and Belarus.
A confirmation of good cooperation is sending a member of the Armed Forces of Republic of Belarus to attend the Serbian language course, for the purpose of his preparation for the General Staff School at the University of Defence in Belgrade in academic year 2020/21.
At the end of the visit to the Military Academy of Republic of Belarus, Minister Vulin wrote his message in the memorial book.
“For a quarter of a century, you have been successfully forming new generations providing the states with new power which will protect security and safeguard integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.
I congratulate you on the results achieved so far and I hope that you will continue with equal success creating new forces of the Hero-City, with full support and friendship of the Republic of Serbia!”
The Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus was established in 1995, and it continued the educational process initiated in 1953 in other military schools. The aim was complete transition to autonomous qualification of officers for all types of armed forces and defence system. Today, the Military Academy is one of the largest universities in the country which attracts a great interest of the young population.
After the visit to the Military Academy, Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin visited the “All Saints’” Church, erected in honour of All Saints and in memory of the sacrifices for the salvation of the fatherland. The remains of soldiers who fell for the fatherland are buried in the Church. That is where a capsule was laid with a lump of soil taken from the Memorial Cemetery of Liberators of Belgrade where remains of Belarusians had been buried who had died during liberation of Serbian capital in 1944.
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