Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Minister meets with future defence attachés

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has met today with officers of the Military Intelligence Agency, who are going to take over the duty of defence attaché of the Republic of Serbia abroad in the forthcoming period.
As Minister Vulin pointed out, their main task is to support the diplomatic efforts of the state leadership and President Aleksandar Vučić, when it comes to resolving the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, and to continually inform their interlocutors abroad about the position of the Republic of Serbia.
- It is therefore very important that, in addition to the decent representation of the Republic of Serbia and our armed forces, the development of military-to-military cooperation and the promotion of the defence industry, the focus of your engagement be directed to spreading the truth about our position and the problems that Priština creates as an unreliable and irresponsible negotiator, who actually does not want any compromise, but continually generates conflicts, Minister Vulin said.
The Defence Minister's meeting with future defence attachés was also attended by Director of the Military Intelligence Agency, Brigadier General Zoran Stojković.