Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Meeting of the Minister of Defence with the Minister of Tourism of Greece

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, who is concurrently the Co-chair of the Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation between Serbia and Greece, talked today with the Minister of Tourism of Hellenic Republic Elena Kountoura, who stays in Serbia for the incoming Fair of Tourism.
Minister Vulin pointed out how much Serbia and its people appreciate the support of Greece in the preservation of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija.
- The Republic of Serbia is aware of the pressure that the Hellenic Republic endures when it comes to the change of Athen’s position to the status of the southern province of Kosovo and Metohija. This principled and consistent policy of Greece in relation to the sovereignty of Serbia is true confirmation of sincere friendship of the two states and two peoples – said Minister Vulin, adding that he was honoured to have been selected on behalf of the Government of Serbia as the Co-chair of the Joint Committee for Economic cooperation between our two countries and he stressed that, having in mind traditionally friendly relations between the two countries, he expected that the cooperation would continue its upward trend in all the areas.
Minister Vulin took an opportunity during today’s talks with Greek Minister of Tourism to than the Greek people, on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, on exceptional hospitality when observing the historical dates and events, particularly stressing marking the anniversary of the Battle of Kajmakčalan and celebrations of the anniversary of disembarkation of the Serbian army on the islands of Corfu and Vido. He also emphasised that Serbia paid a lot of attention to taking care and maintenance of soldiers’ cemetery in Pirot where 358 Greek soldiers had been buried who had succumbed to influenza and typhoid.
Minister Vulin asked Minister Kountoura to convey his greetings to Minister Kammenos and President of the Government Tsipras, the proven friends of the Serbs.
Today’s meeting was attended by Acting Assistant Minister for Defence Policy Milan Mojsilović, Head of Department for International Military Cooperation Colonel Milan Ranković and Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Serbia His Excellency Elias Eliadis.
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