Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Continuous admission of professional soldiers

The Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces have initiated a procedure for the continuous recruitment of professional soldiers in the commands, units and establishments of the Serbian Armed Forces to fill vacancies, which means that candidates can apply every working day in military postal services specified in the Notice on Continuous Recruitment of Professional Soldiers.

It is about the immediate admission of soldiers from the records of the regional centres of the Ministry of Defence, and potential candidates are all citizens of the Republic of Serbia who have served military service with arms and are younger than 30. This will be an opportunity for employment also for the new generations of young men and girls in a six-month volunteer military service.

The application form for filling vacancies of professional soldiers can be completed and submitted by the applicant every working day from 8 am to 2 pm at the military postal offices specified in the Notice on Continuous Recruitment of Professional Soldiers on temporary basis in the Serbian Armed Forces.

The needs for recruitment, according to arms-services and service locations, can be obtained by calling the phone numbers given in the Notice.

The selection of candidates is realized in three parts, each lasting one day. In the first part, applicants are subject to a general medical examination and check of physical fitness. In order to test physical fitness, candidates are obliged to bring sports equipment with them: sneakers, trainer-shorts, t-shirt (at their own choice).

In the second part of the selection, candidates are subject to psychological assessment, while in the third part, candidates are subject to medical and health assessment.

The results of the applicants will be determined by the Commission for determining the fulfilment of conditions for admission to the professional military service on the basis of the following selection criteria:
completed education level - up to 25 points (elementary school - 5 points, secondary school 3rd grade - 15 points, secondary school 4th grade or higher level of education - 25 points);
physical fitness test - up to 35 points (product of final grade and number 7) and
psychological assessment of the candidate - up to 40 points (product of final grade and number 8).

The best candidates will be given an employment contract for a part time job and they will be admitted to units of the Serbian Armed Forces for a period of six months, with the possibility to extend the employment contract for a period of three years and renew the contract until the age of 40.

We recall that, in late October 2016, an initiative has already been launched to admit 300 professional soldiers from those who volunteered to serve in the military, and in mid-February and late June of the current year, an initiative was launched to admit another 1,175 professional soldiers from the records of the regional centres of the Ministry of Defence, and 1,018 of the said number is already in the ranks of the Serbian Armed Forces.