Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Congratulatory Message of the Minister of Defence on the Occasion of the Day of Air Reconnaissance and Reporting Service

I congratulate all the members of Air Reconnaissance and Reporting Service on the occasion of the Service Day – 18th June.
On that day in 1915, Serbian Supreme Command issued an Order to establish permanent reconnaissance signal stations, in order to mark the flight directions of enemy aircraft. On the basis of that, in the Third Army of that time, several stations were established within the area covered by Drina, Timok and Combined divisions. Following over a century long tradition, and owing to good training, the members of your service give full contribution to the functioning of the system of air reconnaissance and reporting thus raising the level of operational capability of the Air Force and Air Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces as a whole.
You have achieved notable results in the field of increasing the level of efficiency of command in the system of Air Defence, modifications, repair and maintenance of radar computer systems, training, education and advancement of personnel, and the work of the on duty system of Air Defence.
Confident that you will in the period to come successfully discharge assigned tasks and through your work enhance the control over our air space, I extend my congratulations to you on the occasion of this holiday.