Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Trust we are proud of

The results of the research, which have been just published by the research agency Deep Dive confirm that the Serbian Armed Forces are still the institution that the Serbian citizens most trust in. Even 57 percent of citizens still have the greatest trust in their Armed Forces, which is a significant increase in comparison to 2011 when that percent was 37.

That is the result which makes the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces rightfully proud of, and it also obliges us to continue with responsible performance of numerous tasks in all three missions. The Serbian Armed Forces are a guarantee of the security of Serbia and its citizens, who had an opportunity to make sure in this in many complex exercises and displays of armament and defence equipment such as the recent one at Nikinci ground. The trust was earned by fast and efficient assistance rendered firstly by members of the Serbian Armed Forces during floods and other natural disasters, which we unfortunately experienced in recent years. Our “blue berets” successfully continue the peacekeeping mission worldwide, which deserved and still deserves great recognition.
We have also gained the trust we enjoy today by numerous humanitarian activities, cultural events, sports results, collaboration with local communities even in the remotest villages across Serbia, where we conducted medical check-ups and rendered medical assistance, repaired roads, built water pipes… We have opened the perspective of employing young people by education for the officer profession, voluntary military service, admission of professional soldiers, opening new vacancies in defence industry companies… There are lots of activities which daily connect us with our citizens, and the expressed trust is an additional motive to perform tasks efficiently and timely.
We put a special emphasis on the trust earned with both city and rural population in all parts of Serbia. Namely, the research has encompassed the nationally representative sample of 1,500 citizens including 60 percent of the city and 40 percent of the rural population from 6 regions – Vojvodina (27 percent), Belgrade (22), Western Serbia (13), Eastern Serbia (9) and Southern Serbia (13 percent). The research has included the sensitive groups in population such as disabled people and members of two greatest national minorities – Roma and Hungarian. According to the published results, behind the Serbian Armed Forces are the Serbian Orthodox Church, Police, Cadastre and the National Bank.