Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The New Issue of “Odbrana” was published

The facts that intelligence services govern political and economic systems of less developed countries, direct their internal and foreign policies, destabilize countries are not questioned anymore. All these processes are still managed by a man. And he is vulnerable. The one who finds his weak point will have intelligence success. Owing to this, our country has come into possession of NATO secret documents stating the targets envisaged for bombing in 1999. How that came and why the Alliance changed the time of the beginning of the attack for spring in the following year for “Odbrana” speaks retired Lieutenant General Jovan Milanovic, our intelligence officer and the main participant of the event.
Although “the Balkans route”, the route which made many migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries think of as the right choice in search for better life in Western Europe, officially does not exist anymore, a lot of them still stay in Serbia. Teams consisting of representatives of ministries, humanitarian and civil society organizations, which were given responsible tasks during the migrant crisis, face on a daily basis with destiny of each person individually, but also the unpredictable psychology of the mass, which can break loose at any time. The challenges of “the Balkans route” are the topic of the new issue of the military magazine.  
TOPIC – Challenges of the migrant crisis: “THE BALKAN ROUTE” LACK OF WAY
IN FOCUS – Marking the Remembrance Day: FORGET IF YOU CAN...
INTERVIEW – Retired Lieutenant General Jovan Milanovic: STEP AHEAD NATO
DEFENCE – Intensive training of soldiers on voluntary service: SIGNALS SOLDIERS OVERCAME CHALLENGES
Live Fire Tactical Exercise of the 1st Army Brigade armour: SYRMIANS AT “PASULJANE”
Four decades of river minesweeper 332: IN THE PRIME OF LIFE
SOCIETY – A visit to sacred places from different angle: WE WERE ON CORFU
Expert gathering on Valjevo in WWI: WHEN THE CITY WAS A HOSPITAL
ARSENAL – Russian “smart” 57mm gun ammunition: PROJECTILES WITH PROGRAMMED FUSE
WORLD – Worrisome high mortality from hunger in the world: DROUGHT, WAR, NEGLIGENCE AND HUNGER
FEUILLETON – Military coup on 27th March 1941 (2): JOINING THE TRIPARTITE PACT
CULTURE – Tomislav Peternek, a great artist of photography: PASSION LONG AS LIFE
Memorial to Serbian mothers in the Central Military Club: MOTHER IS SANCTITY
ODBRANA can be purchased at newsstands of STAMPA and FUTURA PLUS, in VOJNA KNJIGA book store in 22, Vasina St. in Belgrade at a price of 100 dinars and digital issue at portal