Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Regular bilateral defence consultations with Turkey

During the regular bilateral defence consultations with the Republic of Turkey, Head of the International Military Cooperation Department, Captain (Navy) Milan Konjikovac and Head of the Section for Europe at the International Relations Department of the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff, Captain  (Navy) Isa Bozkurt, agreed that cooperation in the field of defence was developed, and that in the forthcoming period, potential for its improvement should be exploited.

 Captain Konjikovac informed his interlocutor about the activities conducted by the Ministry of Defence in the process of integration of the Republic of Serbia into the European Union, on cooperation in the framework of the Partnership for Peace and engagement of the Serbian Armed Forces in multinational operations. He stressed the orientation to the improvement of military-to-military and military-educational cooperation, as well as the use of resources to intensify the military economic cooperation. He particularly emphasized that KFOR represents the only partner of the Serbian Armed Forces in securing the administrative line and the sole guarantor of security in Kosovo and Metohija and that the Republic of Serbia strongly opposes transformation of the so-called "Kosovo Security Force" to the so-called "Kosovo Armed Forces", because this would be a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.
Captain Bozkurt confirmed the commitment of Turkey to promote cooperation in the field of defence, and that finding modalities for further development is a common task. He particularly emphasized that modern complex security challenges require a more efficient information sharing and stronger regional cooperation.
During the meeting, the interlocutors exchanged views on the political and security situation in the region, with special emphasis on migrant crisis and its impact on security.
At the end of the meeting they agreed on the 2017 Bilateral Military Cooperation Programme.