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Monumental bust of Duke Stepa Stepanovic unveiled at the Central Military Club

Откривена спомен-биста војводи Степи Степановићу у Дому ВојскеIn the framework of Odbrana Media Centre’s project – marking of significant jubilees of Serbian liberation history and preserving memories of the personalities who contributed to the progress of the army, Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic unveiled a monumental bust of Duke Stepa Stepanovic in the main hall of the Central Military Club, in the presence of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej.

On that occasion, General Dikovic pointed out that this was one of the greatest generals in the Serbian history and most impressive personalities of the time.

- From the first day he wore the military uniform until the end of Откривена спомен-биста војводи Степи Степановићу у Дому Војскеhis life he was always in a
in the service for the people, for the honour and dignity of his
 fatherland. Heavy and rich military career, crowned by command of the Second Army of the Serbian military from the First Balkan War to the end of the First World War. Creator of the first and great victory of the Allies in World War I, on Cer, paved the roadmap of all freedom-loving people who know what they defend and for what they fight so they can win, regardless of the strength and power of the enemy - said Chief of General Staff.

According to Director of Odbrana Media Centre Colonel Stevica S Karapandzin, the name of Duke Stepa was uttered with a special reverence. Colonel Karapandzin also reminded that Duke Stepa, as the president of the National Defence in pensioner days, was one of those most responsible for building the Warrior House, today the Central Military Club.

Откривена спомен-биста војводи Степи Степановићу у Дому ВојскеIn the further course of the ceremony, in the presence of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej, the latest release of Odbrana Media Centre was presented - a book by Colonel Stevica S Karapandzin "Religious service in the Serbian Army - The impact on the operations of the Army." About the book, with the author, spoke reviewers Dr. Bogoljub Sijakovic and Colonel Rade Slavkovic.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej, after the promotion, presented Colonel Karapandzin, on behalf of the Holy Synod, the high decoration of the Serbian Orthodox Church - Order of St. King Milutin for years of selfless dedication to the introduction and improvement of the religious
Откривена спомен-биста војводи Степи Степановићу у Дому Војске
service and military clergy in the Serbian Armed Forces, and for personal contribution in opening and furnishing the chapel of St. King Milutin in the Central Military Club.

The Choir "Serbian Orthodox cantors", actors Biljana Djurovic and Tihomir Arsic also took part in today's ceremony.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej earlier today consecrated the chapel and served the first liturgy for the employees in the Central Military Club and guests. His Holiness was joined by main chaplain of the Serbian Armed Forces Sladjan Vlajic and protopresbyter-staurophor Branko Topalovic.