Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Neric with Jeleca on defence cooperation

Нерић са Јелечом о сарадњи у области одбранеState Secretary Nenad Neric discussed with General Ante Jeleca, Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on aspects of defence cooperation between the two neighbouring countries. The interlocutors expressed satisfaction with the joint activities so far, which contribute greatly to the strengthening of trust and understanding between the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of BiH.
Neric stressed that the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces are firmly committed to the further development of defence cooperation with BiH.
"The Ministry of Defence runs a balanced defence policy and one of our priorities is to preserve regional security. Therefore, our neighbourly relations are very important, and we are committed to finding new areas of cooperation from which both sides can benefit", State Secretary Neric said. He informed his interlocutor about the current activities of the Armed Forces when it comes to the migration crisis.
They agreed that the new challenges facing the region require even closer mutual cooperation, more frequent contacts and exchange of relevant information with the partners.