Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Marking the Remembrance Day of Victims of the NATO Aggression

Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic attended today the celebration marking the Remembrance Day in the "Stefan Nemanja" barracks in Raska. General Dikovic led the delegation that laid a wreath at the memorial to Heroes of the 37th Motorised Brigade, on behalf of the Serbian Armed Forces, accompanied by the Chief of Staff Command of the 2nd Army Brigade Colonel Muharem Fazlic and Commander of the 21st Infantry Battalion, Major Nikola Grkovic.

From the ranks of the 37th Motorised Brigade, 60 people gave their lives, and for the results and dedication, brigade was awarded with the Order of National Hero.

Recalling the events and circumstances that have marked the year 1999, General Dikovic underlined that we all were witnesses of suffering on the one hand, and also the resistance and unity of a small country of proud and courageous people.

- During the 78 days of continuous air raids, the Armed Forces, drawing strength from the dignity of its people, who could be seen and felt in every step, courageously and selflessly defended its country by providing the resistance that surprised the aggressor as well. Among the best units of our army, there was the 37th Motorised Brigade from Raska. Soldiers and officers from this region, with the municipalities of Raska, Kraljevo and Vrnjacka Banja, showed by their military virtues, dedication and willingness how one should fight for their country and proved worthy of their ancestors – the Chief of General Staff said.

According to him, the brutal war took a large number of lives, and it is up to us, he added, to preserve the memory of about two and a half thousand civilians who were killed and more than a thousand killed members of the Armed Forces and police, who, in that 1999, gave the most precious thing for their country – their lives.

- I often ask myself whether we could all come back alive from Kosovo and Metohija, where we participated in the anti-terrorist fight. From that hell, that was impossible and they gave their lives bravely and honourably in performing their tasks. If they were not there, we would not have accomplished the task. We fought against terrorists and were exposed to NATO actions from the airspace, and today when some other terrorists are killing innocent people in Istambul, Ankara, Brussels and Paris, we sympathize with the victims and their families – General Dikovic said.

Wreaths were laid also by the family members of the deceased, as well as delegations of numerous associations and organizations. During the commemoration, the memorial service to the killed members was served, and the delegation of the Serbian Armed Forces led by General Dikovic also visited the memorial room in the "Stefan Nemanja" barracks.

On the occasion of the Remembrance Day, in all the commands, units and institutions of the Serbian Armed Forces commemorative events have been held today, and the delegations of the Serbian Armed Forces laid wreaths and flowers at memorials across Serbia.